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Candylab Toys was born out of the desire to revive the glamorous '60s American modernist vibe and carve it into awesome contemporary wood toy designs. As artists, designers and parents, they draw on many influences, not least of which are their deep love of classic American Cars and the craftsmanship spirit of mid-century artisan furniture designers.

Woodie Redux: Boxy wood panel wagon, includes sufboard. The famous classic, now in a boxier 80's vibe. With real veneer-paneled sides, and a magnet embedded in the roof, it comes with a surfboard that snaps onto it. This car also features a magnetic tow hook - allowing it to hitch to our equally awesome trailer.

Pioneer Yucatan: The iconic shape, wood sides, magnetic surfboard on top, beefy new tires, everything screams adventure, camping, and good old times. Miniature learning tool on how to adventure properly. Pairs perfectly with our Campers.

Camper: Camper trailer with magnetic hitch. When combined with the Woodie or the Yucatan, these two make for one of the most iconic automotive symbols of the American golden era. 'Nuff said. Magnetically attaches to the Woodie and to the Pioneer. Material: pressed wood sawdust, water based paint and clear urethane coat.

Not for children under 3 years of age.

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